The Jungle Chess Game

What is Clesto?

More simple and more fun than Chess. Children love it because of the animals in the jungle, teens and adults love it because of the interesting strategy. Easy to learn, hard to master.

Clesto is a new 2 player strategy board game with a play time of around 10-20 minutes. It is based on the more than 100 year old 鬥獸棋 (Dou Shou Qi).

New rules by Jim Westergren with assistance of his son Alvin. Art by the spanish painter Felipe Romero.


8 animal tokens for each player in the colors orange and yellow:

Each animal has a number showing their rank. Five of the animals has symbols showing Special Powers (explained in the rules).

The board:

Biggest differences over Chess

We think that Chess is a brilliant game that we love to play. But we love to play Clesto even more.

How to Play

Head over to our Rules page.